Dear Friends,





I stumbled on this secret by ‘accident’ one day and


I have never been sick again since 1982!


My body shed pounds and built muscle.


I discovered a panacea that THE WORLD NEEDS NOW!!!


                                 Here is my Story:


In 1982, my X-husband and I decided to take a vegetarian cruise. 

At the time, I had been a vegetarian for 11 years, was seriously anemic,

I was taking medications for ‘blocked colon’, iron supplements (which

probably caused the blockage to begin with),  I had experienced several

seizures and they were trying to tell me I was epileptic and had to take a

drug every day of my life which would make me sluggish and I would loose

my license.  My bones in my legs hurt so much, I felt I couldn’t tolerate the

pain – Doctors would give me the same lectures about not wearing high

heeled shoes and not wearing a purse.  I had spent years going from one

specialist to another trying to get a real diagnosis.  My nose was always

stopped-up, so I was using Afrin everyday.  They gave me pain pills that

left me so drousy, I got fired from my job.  At the time, it was the opinion

for Doctors that a person could not be a vegetarian and stay healthy –

they even accused me of trying to kill myself by refusing to take in meat. 

I was hospitalized for 10 days where they made me  take an IV of  beef talon’. 


Finally, I decided to go on this sail with the vegetarians.   In my

first couple of hours there, I was approached by a young gentleman who

remarked that I was BLUE and started asking me questions about anemia,

diet, etc.  He handed me half a dozen ‘food’ pills which he promised was

vegetarian and promised to talk more later on.  I took 2 pills immediately

and began to feel a lot better within an hour.  When I saw him again 3

hours later – I thanked him and after answering his questions, he told me

to take 2 more!! 


        I saw him at dinner and told him how GREAT I felt.  HE GAVE ME A WHOLE

BOTTLE FOR FREE along with his home phone number and I promised to call

him when we got home and to make an order to get more.  From that day forward,

I never have gone a single day without my food pills. 




   1.  My anemia was completely gone within 10 days – something the doctors said would take 6 weeks.

   2.  I never experienced ‘blocked colon’ again and I enjoyed healthy internal hygiene for the rest of my life.

   3.  Within a month, I noticed my extra weight was dropping and ‘muscles’  developing without dieting or doing more exercise.

   4. I never had another seizure.

   5.  I never ever again needed to take Afrin because my nostrils always felt like  a ‘race horse’s nose’ – all flared-up.

   6. I realized all my bone pain had gone completely AND I hadn’t even had to use a single aspirin  again since I was on these magical little ‘food pills’.


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